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Urethane Plate Bending Machine

Urethane Plate Bending Machine
W10 2-roll plate roller

W10 2-roll plate roller is manufactured in a simple and rugged construction, suitable for high production as well as for the short runs and the R&D or model shops. Pressure on the bottom urethane roll is obtained by hydraulic pressure.

The bending process for this machine consists of the rotation of the top roll (punch) by means of pressure developed by the lower urethane roll (female die). The radius obtained is a direct ratio between the diameter of the top roll and the spring back of the material being rolled. In order to obtain different radii other than the minimum one, it is necessary to slip over the top roll a tubular mandrel (slip-on tube), thereby changing the radius and naturally the diameter of the part being rolled.

W10 2-roll plate roller


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2 Roll Plate Roller

W10 automatic two roll plate roller is a new plate bending machine.

The two roll plate rolling machine can be formed at one time, the production efficiency is high, the product geometric precision is high, the surface quality is good, the structure of bending equipment is simple and the number of rollers is least, and the operation is simple and convenient.

The two roll plate roller is used widely, fast batch manufacturing thin-wall pipe, ventilation pipe, chimney, filter, solar water heater, automobile exhaust pipe, a liquid storage tank (gas) and so on.

The hydraulic automatic 2 roll plate roller is a roll plate specially used for large cylinder.

It breaks the conventional two roll plate rolling machine to take the workpiece from it.

The workpiece is directly slipped out by the hydraulic lifting raceway below.

It is convenient and light to take the parts. It is the ideal choice for the large type (weight) roll plate. 

Working principle:

Steel plate in the upper roller (two roll) under the roller (elastic roll) through the upper roll pressure. The elastic layer of the lower roller is formed into a concave shape to cause the steel plate to be bent.

The ability and efficiency of the machine are determined according to different structure forms and control means.

Performance characteristics:

The two roll hydraulic automatic plate roller is mainly used for rolling cylindrical workpiece, carbon steel plate 0.3-4.0MM and stainless steel 0.3-2.5MM.


quick, quick forming, precise and no straight edge, and the roundness of rolled workpiece is guaranteed in the range of 0.5MM.


First, add the hydraulic oil into the fuel tank.

Second, connect the power, start the pump motor and ensure that the rotation direction is correct.

The feeding platform position should be adjusted properly.

Select the required rolling size mould, rolling die and sleeves on the driven shaft according to the parameters of plate bending machine (rolling machine).

Finally, turn on the control switch automatically, and then you can start rolling.

Turn on auto manual switch on the control box and remove the steel sleeve in the driven shaft.

Remove the workpiece after rolling.

After-Sale Service:

The warranty time for CSM W10 two rolls plate bending machine is one year.

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2 Roll Plate Roller

Within the warranty time, we will reply within 24 hours if there is any big failure.

Our company can provide free service for repair and maintenance for this plate bending machine during the warranty time.

Any spare part for clients' rolling machine is available in our company. The changed parts' warranty will be from the date when they are changed.