Vertical Plate Rolling Machine

vertical plate roller

Vertical Plate Rolling Machine

3 ROLL vertical plate bending machine

A vertical bending machine is a type of machine tool used for bending and forming metal sheets or plates in a vertical direction. It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the fabrication of HVAC ductwork, metal cabinets, and electrical enclosures.

The Vertical 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine is a general device used for rolling thin plates and large diameter workpieces, it’s a general device The main merit is that the vertical bending machine possesses a simple structure, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.

The machine consists of a hydraulic ram, which is used to apply pressure to the metal sheet or plate, and a set of dies, which are used to shape the metal into the desired form. The dies are typically made of hardened steel and are designed to bend the metal sheet or plate to a specific angle.

Vertical Bending Machine
Vertical 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine
Vertical Plate Rolling Machine
Vertical Plate Rolling Machine
Vertical Bending Machine
Vertical 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

Working principle

The two side pillars can do parallel movement along the machine’s centerline. The distance between the two pillars can be adjustable. When operators use a vertical plate bending machine to bend rolls, they should put the steel plate between the roller and pillar. The vertical rolling machine’s pinch roller uses hydraulic pressure to press the steel plate against the roller. The two side pillars are put forward towards the roller direction to make local bending of the steel plate. Then the pillar will return to its original position. The drive roll of this plate bending machine makes the steel plate move a certain distance. The side pillars will be put forward again to bend the steel plate. With this repetitive movement, this vertical plate rolling machine will bend steel plate into a circular shape plate.


  • Different from a horizontal bending machine, a vertical plate bending machine bends steel plates into tube sections intermittently instead of continuously.
  • A vertical rolling machine has a strong bending capability that it can bend steel plates into different shapes at once.
  • The vertical bending machine covers the small surface area. It can avoid indentation.


  • The main merit is that a vertical plate bending machine or vertical bending machine possesses simple structure, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Reduce the number of Qualified & Non-qualified Workers
  • Reduce Required Shop Space
  • Reduce Material Costs by Using Coil Material
  • Reduce Material Handling Time and Costs
  • Increase Production Rates
  • Increase Production Efficiency
  • Increase Flexibility, Tank Diameters from 6 to 65+
  • Increase Versatility, Produce Tanks In-House and/or On-Site
  • Eliminate Cross-Contamination between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials, All Surfaces and Components in Contact with Tank Sections Are Non-Contaminating Non-Ferrous Materials


The main structure of the equipment is composed of an upper roller device, a lower roller device, the main transmission device, a tipping device, left and right side frames, a chassis, and a balance device.

Upper roller device

  • The upper roller device is composed of the main oil cylinder, an upper roller bearing seat, an upper roller, and a double-row self-aligning bearing.
  • The two main oil cylinders provide the required pressure for rolling the plate. The working pressure of the main oil cylinder is 19.5 MPa.
  • Double-row self-aligning bearings use low-speed, heavy-duty spherical roller bearings. The upper roller is in the shape of a drum. When designing, the load coefficient of the maximum pressing force of the upper roller is 0.2 and the load is evenly distributed to preset the compensation for the deformation and deflection of the upper roller.
  • The material of the upper roll is 45 # steel, which is heat-treated HB240-260 after gold processing. According to the roll steel standard JB / ZG4289-86, the stiffness conforms to (1/700 ~ 1/1000) LL—referring to the distance between the centerlines of the frames on both sides.

the lower roller device

The lower roller device is composed of a lower roller, a lower roller bearing seat, a lower roller input gear, and a lower roller sliding bearing.

The material of the lower roll is forged steel 45 # steel, which is heat-treated HB240-260 after gold processing. According to the roll steel standard JB / ZG4289-86, the stiffness conforms to (1/700 ~ 1/1000) LL—between the centerlines of the frames on both sides. distance. The lower roller sliding bearing uses SF-1 self-lubricating composite material. The main drive of the lower roller provides power, and the output torque, input gear of the lower roller, and open transmission torque to the lower roller.

the Main transmission

The main transmission is composed of a hydraulic motor, a planetary gear reducer, etc., and the output gear drives two lower roller gears.

The main drive can be forward and reversed to provide the rolling torque for the rolling of the plate. The planetary gear reducer can be installed in both vertical and horizontal types. The reducer must be equipped with a compensation oil tank to compensate for the lubricating oil. Output gear and lower roll gear quenching HRC45 ± 5;

overturning device

  • The overturning device is composed of a ram, an overturning oil cylinder, and the like. The tipping cylinder uses a double-section cylinder.
  • The overturned cylinder piston rod is chrome-plated.
  • The overturning of the overturning device facilitates the product to be taken out in the axial direction of the roller.
  • The overturning device does not work during a roll-up.
  • Fixing, overturning side frame, chassis, mounting base. The fixed and overturned side frame and chassis are made of steel plate welded parts. Annealing is performed after welding to remove stress and shot rust.
  • The fixed, tipped side frame is used to house the two main cylinders. The chassis adopts a frame structure, which has a high torsional section coefficient and few anchor bolts and is easy to install and debug.
  • When standing up, the coupling beams for fixing and overturning the side frame will be fixed to form a whole.
  • The mounting base is used for fixing the rolling machine when standing up.

Overview of Hydraulic system

  • The hydraulic system consists of gear pumps, valve groups, fluid connections, hydraulic accessories, and so on.
  • The hydraulic valve is a superimposed valve series, with a simple pipeline arrangement and convenient maintenance and debugging.
  • The system consists of three circuits, including overpressure protection and pressure regulation circuits, synchronization circuits, and speed circuits.
  • The pressure regulating circuit regulates the working pressure of the system through the main relief valve. The system working pressure is 19.5MPa.
  • The synchronization circuit synchronizes the upward and downward coarse steps of the upper roller through the shunt throttle, and the throttle is adjusted up and down. The displacement sensor detects the upper roller synchronization accuracy ± 0.15mm.
  • The speed loop controls the overturning and resetting of the machine on the overturning side, and the throttling valve adjusts the loop’s throttling speed.
  • The upper roller is raised and lowered with overflow valves for pressure limit protection.

Overview of Electrical control system

  • vertical 3-roll plate bending machine electronic control system consists of an electric control cabinet, an operation console, and a handheld button box. Power supply three-phase three-wire system 380V / 50Hz.The control circuit uses a PLC programmable controller system with few relays, reliable operation, and long life.
  • The control cabinet is equipped with all control buttons, indicators, programmable touch displays, etc. that complete the rolling process of the product to monitor and control the rolling work status of the entire machine.
  • Each motor has a corresponding circuit breaker for over-current short-circuit protection; Each motor has a corresponding thermal relay for overload protection;
  • There are corresponding limit switches for upper roller movement for limit protection; Overturning and overturning cylinders are provided with upper and lower limit switch limit protection respectively;
  • The main power circuit breaker has a shunt release, and there are “emergency stop” buttons on the side of the operating table and the overturning bracket to remotely cut off the main power.
  • After the overturning frame is fully reset, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered, and the lower roller can be reversed.
  • Fault indication: When the lower roller motor is overloaded, the fault indicator prompts; When the PLC fails, the fault indicator prompts.

Overview of Digital display system

  • This system uses a rotary encoder and a highly reliable industrial controller to form a reliable performance and strong real-time control system.
  • Digital display function: The digital display system has functions such as real-time monitoring of the rolling process, data transmission, and power-off memory, and the human-machine interface is displayed in Chinese directly and clearly.
  • Real-time monitoring function: The display screen shows the amount of displacement of the upper cylinder (Yg, Yf).
  • Touch screen function: Through the system operation input and LCD display, the functions of editing, modifying, etc. of the rolled workpiece parameters can be realized.
  • The industrial controller PLC automatically detects and controls the positions of the two ends of the upper roller to ensure synchronization accuracy of ± 0.15mm. The displacement resolution of the displacement sensor is 0.05mm, and the display accuracy is ± 0.05mm.
  • With automatic fault diagnosis function.
Vertical Plate Rolling Machine
Vertical Plate Rolling Machine
Vertical Bending Machine
Vertical Bending Machine
3-roll plate bending machine
3-roll plate bending machine

Configuration of main standard parts

  • Double-row self-aligning bearing Wafangdian
  • Main hydraulic valves
  • Piston pump Qidong Hydraulic Parts Factory
  • Motor Nantong Hengli
  • PLC programmable controller OMRON
  • LCD display
  • Main electrical components Tianshui 213
  • Cylinder Nantong, Jiangsu
  • Sealing ring Shenyang Leather Equipment Factory, Shanghai Rubber Factory
  • Planetary gear reducer Ningbo, ZhejiangMotor Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Motor Ningbo, Zhejiang

in China.