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3 Roller Bending Machine

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Description of Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

Streamlined designed originated from EU, the use of the overall frame welding and annealing treatment;

Three-roller symmetric structure; driven by screw lever and turbine worm, the upper roller moves in vertical direction in the center symmetrical position between the lower two rollers; As the main drive roller for rotary motion, two lower rollers are engaged with the output gear of the reducer to provide torque for rolling plate. The 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine is compact, easy operation and maintenance; besides, the roller is suitable for installation of profile dies for easy rolling of various profiles.

Easy-to-use removable console.

Two sets of digital output for easy positioning of two lower rollers.

Induction hardened forged rollers or high strength work rollers with SAE 1050 quality certificate.Upper roller lifting motion principle: auxiliary motor and auxiliary reducer drive the worm and turbine under lateral bearing seats to move, consequently rotate the screw nut on the turbine to lift screw lever.

Unloading device: when finishing rolling work, the upper roller rises up, the pull rod on the end of upper roller holding the roller, then disconnects the left bearing seat namely tiltable bearing seat and extracts the pin shaft, turnover the tiltable bearing seat, finally, the finished ferrule will be released from the other end of the upper roller.

Pre-bending is available means top-roller can be adjusted in directions upwards- downwards, right- left.

Cone-bending function is also available by adjustment of two ends of top roller to make top roller inclinable, so that one end is in low position, another is in high position, with the help of cone-bending device, W11S machine can produce cone type tube.
Of course, the required cone angle can not be reached in one time of operation, it needs some operations through gradual adjustment of the declining angle of top roller. During the operation, workpiece lies on the bottom rollers, workers are safe and easy to run the machine.

The shape of “O”, “U”, “R” or combined section shape is also available.

The machine is completed with economical PLC control function achieve high working efficiency.

structure ofAsymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

  1. PLC is from SIEMENS or OMRON;
  2. Digital Screen is from DELTA, Taiwan;
  3. Hydraulic valve and O-Seals are from UOSHEN brand, Taiwan
  4. Motors are from SIEMENS brand
  5. Main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER
  6. Gearbox is from China famous brand
  7. Machine frame is welded with quality steel plate
  8. Top roller is made with 42CrMo forded alloy steel
  9. Bottom rollers are made with 45# forged alloy steel
  10. To strong the bottom rollers, support rollers are adopted
Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine
Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

Features of Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

  1. Gear driving system through top roller and bottom roller
  2. Can do pre-bending and ball type bearing can be suitable for thin steel sheet rolling
  3. Three rollers in asymmetrical, specially for thin plate bending and pre-bending .
  4. Machine frame is made with welding quality steel.
  5. Main electric components are from SIEMENS brand
  6. With remote pedal control device, rollers harden treatment
  7. Top roller fixed, easy operated, Bottom roller can be adjusted up-down by manual
  8. Side roller adjustment: small machine by manual; bigger machine by motor
Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine
Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

Working principle ofAsymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

The down rollers is the main drive, do the movement of elevation. Through the meshing of the gear between the up and bottom roller to drive the upper roller rotate.The side roller for tilting lifting motion.It’s have double function of pre-bending and circle.Compact structure and easy operation and maintenance.

The Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine consists of two parts, the operation part and the transmission part which are welded at the whole bottom pallet. The operation part consists of left and right bearing housing, one upper roller, one lower roller and one side roller, lifting gears and some accessories. The lower roller is the main one, upper roller can be adjusted at the height. The transmission part consists with the main motor, speed-reducing motor and other accessories

The lower roller is driven by the main motor through the reducer. The main reductor output shaft transmits to the two lower rollers through a group of gear wheel.Through the meshing with lower roller gear and upper roller gear to drive the upper roller.

The down rollers’ elevation come from the handle wheel rotate to drive the cam.

The auxiliary engine drive the worm screw, worm wheel,screw nut,screw mandrel to make the side roller do elevation movement.

Drop the roller to the appropriate height when unloading.After the machine stopping,take the sliding set from upper roller.

The is 3 roller pyramid symmetrical style, the upper roller makes up-down movement in the middle of the two bottom rollers through screw worm drive, and the output gear of the reducer connect the gear of the bottom rollers to get the torsion of the rolling process.

Upper roller revolve through O1 make rotary movement. Bottom side rollers revolve through O2 and O3 to make clockwise or anti-clockwise movement. The Upper roller can make also up-down movement.The main driver are two bottom side rollers, it is drive by the main motor, clutch, reducer and open gear. Upper roller is drive by the friction between the roller and the plate and also make press function.

When Asymmetrical 3 Roller Plate Rolling Machine is working, the screw nun inside the worm gear will make rotary movement to make the guide screw and the bearing set of the upper roller to make up-down movement. The two bottom side rollers can make rotary in two direction and through the pressure of the upper roller ,the plate will be shaped into position.