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3 Roll Bending Machine

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about W11-6×2000 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

The 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine uses the principle of three-roll rolling to make the work rolls of different shapes rotate through the action of hydraulic pressure, mechanical force and other external forces, so that the workpiece can be processed into circular, conical or arc shapes.

W11-6×2000 3 Roll Symmetrical Plate Bending Machine mainly used for rolling sheet metal, it can make different size of cylinders.

structure and how it works of W11-6×2000 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  1. The 3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine is composed by two main parts, there are working parts and transmission parts. Working parts include two lower roller and one upper roller with roller bearings. The lower roller is the capstan, the upper roller is driven roller. Height of upper roller can be adjusted freely. Besides, the transmission part contain main motor, reduction box, etc.
  2. The main motor drive the main reduction box, and then the main reduction box drive the lower roller. Direction of rotation of the lower roller can be controlled by the main motor.
  3. Subsidiary motor drive the subsidiary reduction box, then the upper roller could perform vertical movement.
  4. Unloading equipment can help operater take out finished products.

Raw material of roller and processing technic of W11-6×2000 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  1. Raw material: 45# forging steel
  2. Manufacturer: Hengrong form Wuxi(famous brand in China)
  3. Datum: certificate of raw material and other inspection report attached with machine.
  4. Processing technic: caststeel ingot → forged blank → normalization after forging → rough turning → heat treatment(hardening and tempering) → finish turning → hard facing.
  5. Requirement of heat treatment: hard facing depth≥3mm, hardness≥HRC45-50.5. Welded structure(including the frame, foundation and other steel structure)
  6. Processing technic of welded structure: Purchasing inspection → steel plate pretreatment → cutting → edge preparation → welding → weld joint inspection → annealing treatment → rough machining → Vibratory stress relief → fine machining → surface derusting and corrosion prevention → topcoating(as required by customers).
  7. Technical requirements: we promise all welding structure must be Q235A, all specification can meet GB.
  8. Perfect welding without pore, crack, etc.
  9. Stress relief before machining.
3 roll plate bending machine
3 roll plate bending machine

Machine and package of W11-6×2000 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  1. Main structure: upper roller and lower roller, main transmission device, balance device, frame and bearings.
  2. Electronic control system
  3. Lubrication system
  4. Accessories and other necessary parts.
  5. Technical documents attached with machine: electrical schematic, drawing for installation, instructions, certification, packing list.