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3 Roller Bending Machine

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W11X 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

The w11x 3 roller bending machine has a pre-bending function at the end of the sheet, which can feed the sheet metal at a time, and can complete the sheet end pre-bending and the roll forming of the workpiece without turning the head. The three work rolls are the main driving rolls. The lifting of the upper roller and the horizontal movement of the two lower rollers are all hydraulically driven. The lifting displacement is automatically leveled by computer control, and the screen display synchronization accuracy is ±0.2mm.

The w11x 3 roller bending machine can be pre-bent and calibrated. The chassis is heavy and the center of gravity is low. The equipment is stable. The three-roller is fully driven and the three rollers are bearings, which are fully powered and do not slip. The center distance is adjustable, and it can be adjusted when rolling thin plates and thick plates, and the center is adjustable from a single side adjustable roll cone.

Feature of W11X 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

w11x 3 roller plate bending machine can pre-bend the ends of plate and then roll it to specified shape with one time loading without reversing it.

  1. The 3 rolls on machine are all driving rolls and upper roll and both lower rolls can be hydraulically driven for moving vertically and horizontally respectively.
  2. The vertical movement is controlled by computer and displayed on screen with automatic leveling and synchronization accuracy of ±0.2mm.
  3. The tilting and resetting of bearing body are hydraulically realized.
  4. A balancing mechanism is arranged at tail of upper roll for easily discharging the rolled workpieces and cylindrical parts.It is suitable for steel plate and galvanized sheet.
  5. It can bend sheets with a thickness of 1mm-200mm and a width of 8000mm.
3 roller bending machine
3 roller bending machine

Structure of W11X 3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

The whole plate rolling machine is made up of top roller,lower rollers,support roller,main drive,hydraulic drop end (tipping device),left/right frame,chassis,balance device,electric system and hydraulic system.

Top roller device

Top roller device is mainly made up of oil cylinder,top roller bearing seat,top roller and double-row self-aligning Roller Bearing. The needed pressure for rolling plate comes from two oil cylinders. The working pressure of mail cylinders is 19.5Mpa.

Lower roller device

Lower roller device is made up of lower roller,lower roller bearing seat, lower roller sliding bearing, telescopic oil cylinder or decelerator,automatic oiling device and etc.. Decelerator drives the lower rollers rotation. Horizontal movement is driven by oil cylinder.

Support roller device

Support roller device is made up of support roller,support bearing seat, sliding rail decelerator, wedge and etc.One group support roller, 4 bars for each group, and it can be up down adjustable according to the plate specification.

3 roll bending machine
3 roll bending machine

W11X-16mm*3200mm Specification

Serial No.Technical itemW11X-16mm*3200mm
1Pressure on the top roller130T
2Max bending  thickness16mm
3Max bending  width3200mm
4Max pre-bending thickness12mm
5Top roller diameter350mm
6Lower roller diameter180mm
7Central distance between two rollersThe central distance can be adjustable
8Yield strength of plate245Mpa
9Working length of the rollers3200mm
10Full-loading Minimum inside diameter700mm
11Bending speed3.5M/min
14Main driveCylindrical gear decelerator is used in this machine. This kind of gear is formed through carburizing and quenching of high-tensile low-carbon alloyed steel, the hardness of surface of gear can achieve HRC58-62, it is of high-precision, high contact, high transmission efficiency, high bearing capacity, stable performance, small volume and long service life as well as easy-maintenance and easy-installation.
15Rigidity of working rollersTop roller: 42CrMo, first forged piece go through rough machining then quenching and tempering treatment at HB260~300, after that finish turning then medium frequency quenching of surface at  HRC48~52Lower roller: 42CrMo, first forged piece go through rough machining then quenching and tempering treatment at HB260~280, after that finish turning then medium frequency quenching of surface at HRC48~52
16Main motor power15kw*2
17Electric systemPLC control, In the actual operation, using PLC is more cost-efficient.PLC:OMRON OR SIEMENSLow Voltage Apparatus: SIEMENS
18Man-machine dialogueData storage, power-off memory, each roller position display(PLC control)
19Hydraulic systemHydraulic system: YUKEN
20Delivery time1 months after the sales contract become effective
21Installation and debuggingwe offer two kinds of technical support and services: one is that we show how to operate the machine at our factory; another is that we sent our technicians to the customer’s factory to make re-installation and debugging, but the customer should pay our technicians for their flight tickets fee (go and back), room and board fee and abroad and home travel cost, besides, the customer need pay our engineer some fee ($50-$100 each day) for installation and training.
22Maintenance periodWarranty time: one year(it will be counted from the day that customer receive the machine and finish the installation and debugging)
23packageWe always use the shrink film to wrap up the electric system, hydraulic system and some naked steel parts (without painting ) to protect these parts from aircorrosion or use paper wrap these part first and then brush oil to protect them.
24PaintingWe paint the machine according to the customer’s request
This machine is of stable structure, reliable performance, so it is the most optimal type for heavy-duty equipment.
The top roller can make the vertical movement, while the lower rollers make horizontal movement. Compared with top roller all directional adjustable type, it more stable, and it has low fray when slipping, high synchronous precision and few trouble.
The pre-bending is achieved through movement of lower roller bearing seat to make the top roller and lower roller in the asymmetrical position. When rolling, the hydraulic motor or decelerator and universal joint drive two lower rollers rotated.