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3 Roller Bending Machine ( W11S Hydraulic Upper Roller )



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3 Roller Bending Machine ( W11S Hydraulic Upper Roller )


The w11s 3 roller bending machine device adopts the Japanese technology. It can roll plate to cylinder, cone, U-shape and so on. The up roller of this device can do up and down, right and left move. And all the move actions can

plate roller
W11s plate roller

show by figure.It with the pre-bending capacity.

W11s plate roller bending machine vertical displacement of upper roller has a digital display, eye-catching and intuitive. This products Shang roll universal type volume Board Shang roll can upper and lower mobile, also can level mobile, Shang roll upper and lower mobile used to change plate bent curvature, before and after mobile used to change Shang roll axis line vertical face said location, achieved plate of end Department pre bent and meet various bent by needed of process requirements, so no plus pressure machine, additional equipment, can once Shang material, not needed turn on can completed plate ends Department of pre bent and the forming bent function, and for forming artifacts of correction.

high accurate end pre-bending: free set of straight edge length, roll pressure directly on pre-bent, able to complete accurate end pre-bending.

3 roller bending machine
W11S 3 Roller Bending Machine

superior product precision: roll on a drum-shaped, roll down the lower idler tie in regulation, consecutive bends, from thin to thick plates ideal voucher system within this broad range of products.


W11S 3 roller bending machine on this device for roller omnipotent steel plate rolling machine used for bending a certain thickness of the metal sheet at room temperature into a tube-shaped, curved or there is a taper of parts. The works by Rotary bending deformation. Upper roller can be moved up and down, and also move horizontally, so it does not need additional press and additional equipment to feed at a time, without having to turn to complete end pre-bending and bending of the plate features, as well as for correction of the workpiece. Using assistive devices can make the ends of sheets, and fewer remaining straight edge. Is oil, chemical, cement, shipbuilding, boilers, air, water, power transmission towers and other necessary equipment for the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

The structure of the w11s 3 roller bending machine has three rollers, the upper roller is main drive, through the hydraulic motor provides the power to provide torque for coiled sheet; lower roller for vertical movement by hydraulic cylinder, to the clamping was coiled sheet, and the realization of non symmetric bending roll system.

The w11s 3 roller bending machine is three rollers symmetries rolling mild steel or mild alloy steel under normal temperature condition (such as Q235, Q345, 16MnR, etc.) into cylinders.

The w11s plate roller is suitable for sheet metal bending, can be rolled round and arc and within a certain range of conical workpiece, and sheet metal bending function, the remaining straight edge, high work efficiency, and can be used crude the metal plate to be leveling.

The upper roller is arranged the side roller device, the side roller is parallel to the roller axis for arc lifting motion, the side roller arc movement by the hydraulic cylinder.

Adopt the unique beforehand decompression technology, effectively avoid hydraulic impact, improve the lifetime of pipeline and the seal.

Hydraulic element selects the import high quality products, guarantee the stability of the hydraulic system.

3 roller bending machine
W11S 3 Roller Bending Machine Details

All hydraulic system input, outlet are set with corresponding control point, easy for maintenance and fault inspection. Oil pump adopt underneath type, positive pressure oil absorption. At the same time the filter and liquid ometer are equipped with hair-device, it can automatic alarm the disturbance display. The hydraulic station is set independent outside of machine, easy for maintenance, also it’s away from the heat source.

Production system strictly obey the international, line standard. The radius of bent tube is reasonable, and not less than 90 °, smooth transition, effectively avoid the impact and vibration

3 roller bending machine
W11S 3 Roller Bending Machine Details

System design full consideration of high efficiency and energy saving, reducing power waste, reduce heat source.

Equipped with high precision oil absorption and oil return filter, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil system.

Provide rolling machine hydraulic system common fault phenomenon and elimination method.

In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of hydraulic system, the system produce according to the hydraulic professional manufacturers and National GB3766-83 "hydraulic system general technical conditions”

The tank is cleaned by the shot blasting, pickling and surface cleaning, the walls is coated oil varnish to make sure the cleaning of tank. There is the air filter in the fue

3 roller bending machine
W11S 3 Roller Bending Machine