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Symmetric 3 roller bending machine



W11-6x4000 Symmetric Plate Bending Machine

Yielding limited



Max.bending thickness:



Max.bending width



Full-loading Min. bending diameter



Upper roller diameter



Upper roller material


45# forged steel

Lower roller diameter:



Lower roller material


45# forged steel

Central distance of the lower rollers



Bending speed


about 4

Main motor power



Symmetric 3 roller bending machine


Symmetric 3 roller bending machine is three-roller type.

plate roller principle

The upper one roller is placed in the up middle of the bottom two roller poles, and will carry out the up and down movement. Its movement is hydraulic driven. The hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic cylinder affects the position and drives the upper roller. The two lower roller poles carry out the rotary movement. The export cogwheels of speed reducer gear into lower rollers cogs, and provide tordion for rolling metal material plate. Compact structure. Easy to operate and maintain.

W11-6x4000 Symmetric 3 roller bending machine

plate roller
3 roller bending machine

W11 symmetric 3 roller bending machine is a full mechanical three plate bending machine. All of the three rollers fixed, placed like a pyramid.

Bending thickness from 1mm-25mm, bending length range 1000mm-3000mm.

Profile bending mould can be mounted on the end of the roller to bending the angle bar, I beam, solid bar and pipe.


1. The cylinder rolling is completed by the upper roller which presses to the lower one and the mutual rolling. 

2. The machine consists of the operation part and the transmission part which are welded at the whole bottom pallet. 
The operation part consists of left and right bearing housing, one upper roller, two lower rollers, lifting gears and some accessories. The lower roller is the main one, upper roller can be adjusted at the height. The transmission part consists of the main motor, speed-reducing motor and other accessories.

3. The lower roller is driven by the main motor through the main reducer. The main reducer output shaft transmits to the two lower rollers through a group of gear wheel. The roller driving direction is switched by the main motor.

4. The elevation movement of the upper roller is realized by the auxiliary motor through the auxiliary reducer, which drives worm and worm wheel under the left and right roller bearing to move automatically, makes the steel wire nut which is fixed on the worm wheel rotating, and completed by up and down movement of ball bearing screws accordingly.

5. The offloading device is used after the round cylinder have been finished. Before leaving the left bearing seat, raises the upper roller to standard height, and make the upper roller stop with balance pull rod at the bottom of upper roller. Then draw out pin shaft on the tilting bearing seat, overturn the tilting bearing seat, then the coiled product can emerge from one end of the upper roller.

6. The main components are: three 45 steel forged rollers, HRC3545, support frame is welded, process after being welded, the lower pallet is a welded part. Ball bearing screw and worm gear are 45 steel forged parts.

7. Electrical parts is adopted famous apparatus, steady performance, durable, safe and reliable, operates conveniently.