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Plate Rolling Machine, Plate Roller

Plate Rolling Machine, Plate Roller
W11SNC-35x2500 Plate Bending Machine

Rated Pressing Force from Upper RollerTon320
Working temperature At natural temperature
Plate yield limitMPa245
Max.Thk. of bending plate(mm)35
Thk. of pre-bending30
Width of bending plate                      2500
Min. rolling dia. with max.size(mm)1200
Diameter of RollerUppermm400
Induction Hardened RollYES
Roll Profilecrown
Lifting Modehydraulic
Central distance of bottom rollersmm400
Diameter of supporting rollermm250
Rolling speedm/min3.5
Upper roller horizontal moving speedingmm/min100
Upper roller action controlPLC + transducers
Power character380V/50Hz/3phase
Control SystemControl wayPLC control + moving controller
Display of position & displacementLCD
Electrical Part SystemSIEMNENS
Main Power Motor(KW)37
Motor for hydraulic(KW)15
Motor for horizontal moving(KW)5.5
Hydraulic SystemMax. Working Pressure(MPa)19.5
Electrical & Hydraulic Protection Againts OverloadYES
Construction Steel MaterialQ235
Side Support for Big Sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Central Support for Big sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Feeding Tableoptional
Oil Cooler Systemoptional

W11SNC-35x2500 Plate Bending Machine

W11S series of hydraulic top-roller universal rolling machine adopts hydraulic transmission to achieve the movement of top roller and the horizontal movement of bottom roller and its operation system adopts concentrated electric control. This machine can feed material at one time to accomplish multiple operations including pre-bending both ends of plate material and rolling of barrel-works and arch-works. This machine can also make a certain degree of shaping and leveling for metal plate material. It has the function of directly pre-bending to improve efficiency and save materials. It is equipped with NC system to improve its automation degree.

Main functions:

Plate Roller
W11SNC-35x2500 Plate Roller

To coil plate into different sharps such as cylindrical form, conic form and arc, it adopted Japan hydraulic technical

Top roller can do vertical and level motion, up and down, parallel translation is display

Upper roll can move in vertical and level include pre-bending function

Adopted many points to lubricate Universal Plate Rolling Machine

Mechnical, hydraulic, electricity all system set over loading protect device

Plate Bending Machine
W11SNC-35x2500 Plate Bending Machine

Fitted quality CNC system fault check itself automatically, error give an alarm, mistake protection and so on pipe bener

Adopt hand switch button box easily operate Universal Plate Rolling Machine

Simple foundation equipment, it can move to operate

Plate Bending Machine
W11SNC-35x2500 Plate Bending Machine