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Plate Roller, Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Roller, Plate Rolling Machine
W11SNC-50x2500 Plate Bending Machine

Rated Pressing Force from Upper RollerTon610
Working temperature At natural temperature
Plate yield limitMPa245
Max.Thk. of bending plate(mm)50
Thk. of pre-bending40
Width of bending plate3000
Min. rolling dia. with max.size(mm)1600
Diameter of RollerUppermm620
Induction Hardened RollYES
Roll Profilecrown
Lifting Modehydraulic
Central distance of bottom rollersmm650
Diameter of supporting rollermm360
Adjusting way of supporting rollers motorized
Rolling speedm/min3.5
Upper roller action controlPLC + transducers
Conical Bending DeviceYES
Power character380V/50Hz/3phase
Control SystemControl wayPLC control + moving controller
Display of position & displacementLCD
Electrical Part SystemSIEMNENS
Main Power Motor(KW)55
Motor for hydraulic(KW)22
Motor for horizontal moving(KW)7.5
Motor for supporting roller(KW)/
Hydraulic SystemMax. Working Pressure(MPa)19.5
Electrical & Hydraulic Protection Againts OverloadYES
Construction Steel MaterialQ235
Side Support for Big Sheet Metal Diametersoptional

W11SNC-50x2500 Plate Bending Machine


W11SNC-50x2500 plate bending machine is a general equipment specially used for bending or forming sheet metal.The upper roller rise and fall and the two lower rollers rotate all adopt the mechanical drive, the electric system of the lapping machine centralized control, it is a kind of simple operation, convenient maintenance, economical and practical lapping equipment.

Plate Roller
W11SNC-50x5000 Plate Roller

W11SNC-50x2500 Plate roller is necessary special equipment for general structure factory, widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical industry, boiler, hydropower, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing industrie.

This machine used to make the steel plate into barrel shapeCircular shapeConical sharp, etc.
The upper roller can move vertically as well as horizontally, it can finish the pre-bending work and coiling work at the same machine.
The upper roller is drum-type design, so it has the anti-deformation function. There is equipped the support rollers under the lower rollers it can help to coil the high precision products.
The lower rollers are fixed symmetrically deployed relatively to upper roller, mechanical drive is employed for driving lower rollers. Upper roller ascends or descends at the central symmetric location of the lower rollers; the ascending and descending are hydraulic driven. Upper roller moves to the left or right position to prepare for pre-bending work, the shift position is controlled by the limited switches. The upper roller movement is PLC controlled and LCD display is employed for displacement.
Hydraulic drive is employed for dumping and resetting of the reverse head unit.
Moving control is employed for the control system; you can operation the machine at any position around the machine..
1.      All 3 rolls hydraulic driven independently, digital readout for 2 lower roller position and bending roll
2.      Push button hydraulic powered pinch roller adjustment
3.      Push button hydraulic powered opening of top roller for finished parts removal
4.      Push button pendant control of forwarder/reverse
5.      Upper roller can make left-right and up-down two direction movement with pre-bending function
6.      Upper roller press the plate directly in pre-bending process to control the left and adopt drum shape design for pressure compensation camber
7.      All rollers under hardness treatment, HB 260-300, high grade alloy steel 
8.      Backward and successive rolling design to avoid “straight edge” and “apex shape” left for high precision
9.      Integrated machine basis for easy movement in workshop and heavy duty reinforced welded steel frame
10.    PLC control with roller stroke limit control
11.    Emergency trip wires around machine for CE Certification needed design
12.    Sealed spherical roller bearings
13.    Overloaded protection and disconnect switch
Optional Structure and design
1.      Cone bending attachment available 
2.      Infinitely variable rolling speeds available 
Plate Rolling Machine
W11SNC-50x5000 Plate Rolling Machine


1. All machine body is welded assembly by high quality steels from CHINA BAO STEEL ENTERPRISE. After welding procedure, the machine body will be milled to ensure the balance and precision.

2. This is 3 rolls hydraulic bending roll with the upper roller capable for both up-down and left-right movement function.

3. Pre-Bending function. Pre-bending the top parts by change the upper roller’s leveling distance, can set the straight side length freely. Supply the pressure directly by the upper roller, control the shape of the straight side to reach the high-precision pre-bending of the bending parts.

4. All roller has gone through hardened treatment with HRC 55

5. The machine can roll big diameter round products and straightness curve products from the thin panel to thick panel.

6. Upper roller’s fluctuate movement and leveling movement improve the efficiency of the rolling and easy for operation.

7. Around trip wires for human security protection

8. Touch screen system control, convenient in movement and operation

9. Hydraulic drive, cone rolling capability, hydraulic turn-down system for rolled product