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4 Roll Plate Bending & Rolling Machine

4 Roll Plate Bending & Rolling Machine
QDW12NC 4 roll plate roller

QDW12NC 4 roll plate roller

1. Technical parameter
2. Characteristics
3. Applications
4. Specification
5. Video
6. Working principle
7. Control
8. Operating (Rolling Process)
9. Parameter:
plate bending machine
4 roll plate roller

This is a special plate rolling machine!

Only we can produce!

Once formed, high precision, no flat zone of bending sheet!

High efficiency, rolling 50-150 pieces per hour.

PLC module + touch screen

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CNC four roll plate bending machine(plate bender) - 0 Pre-bend research and development, production and market applications in a leading position.The equipment can be equipped with automatic lifting frame and automatic outer bracket, which can effectively control the deformation of the workpiece in the process of roll making, auxiliary roll system, reduce labor, and provide product quality and work efficiency.


Technical parameter

1)Specification Name:     QDW12-4×1700 Four-roll Plate Rolling Machine and Production Line
2)Rolled material:   ≥1.8mm≤3mm  Plate stainless steel;
3)Maximum roll width:   1670mm 
4)Minimum roll diameter: ¢min215mm;
5)Maximum roll diameter: ¢max600mm;
6)Working form: Normal atmospheric temperature
7)Transmission form: Machine, electricity, gas
8)Control form:     PLC module + touch screen
9)Product Accuracy: The natural state of circular section is smaller than the diameter of the error ±1%mm
10)Production efficiency: About 50 ~ 80 pieces per hour;Max:80-150 pieces per hour.
11)Installed power: Main motor 3Kw ,Curvature servo motor 0.75Kw×2 set
12)Machine Weight:Total About 5500 Kg, main machine of bending machine is about 4000Kg
13)Outline Size (±100mm):Body(bare machine):Height1430×Length 3300×Witdh 1100;  Feeding Line Parts Bulk Size (Bare size): Length 3000 × Witdh 3000 × 2000 mm



4-roller plate bending machine has double-end pre-bending function.
The bending process is much safer and more reliable than other types of rolling equipment.
For the clamping force to plate between upper roll and bottom roll, the corresponding force can be adjusted by regulating valve in hydraulic station, according to different thickness and width of plates.
The upper and the bottom rolls of this rolling equipment work as the main drive.
There are side rolls on both sides of upper and bottom rolls. The side roll makes arc lift along with axes of bottom roll. When side roll moves upward, the bending plate will be bent and formed.
The bottom roll of this 4-roller plate bending machine lifts vertically. It can realize asymmetric bending.


CSM 4-roll  plate bending machine is often used for pipelines onshore and offshore, storage tanks, steel structures for platforms and wind turbines.
Our 4-roll  plate bending machines can be applied to shipyards (from bending ship hulls to production of submarine hulls), marine and storage tank construction (stationary storage tanks, reactor tanks, mobile tanks for road and rail).
Four Roller Plate Bending Machine is applicable for automotive industry (motors for wipers and starters, bushing for engine housing and axles, parts for catalytic converters, HGV (High Goods Vehicle) fuel tanks, transport tanks for liquids and fluids).
This rolling equipment is suitable for boiler and heat exchanger production, bending work on reactor assemblies and steel structures (section bending, pipe construction, cone and dome).


1. CNC plate bending machine is a hydraulic-driven machine with high efficiency (driving power is about 60% of the traditional one.)
2. CNC four roller plate rolling machine adopts permanent lubrication technology. During the bearing life period, it doesn't need refueling.
3. Clamping pressure is adjustable. There is non-existent skidding. The productivity is 50% to 80% more than three roller plate rolling machine.
4. The rolling diameter of this CNC four roller plate rolling machine (CNC plate bending machine) can realize 1.1 times of the top roll.


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plate bending machine
4 roll plate roller