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Plate Bending & Rolling Machine

Plate Bending & Rolling Machine
W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller

Max.Thk. of bending plate(mm)20
Thk. of pre-bending16
Width of bending plate3000
Effective length of the rollers(mm)3050
Yield Strength of Plate(MPa)235
Min. reel dia. with max.size(mm)800
Diameter of RollerUpper(mm)400
Induction Hardened RollYES
Roll Profilecrown
Lifting Modehydraulic
Lifting Synchronous Precise/Accuracy±(mm)0.2
All Bearing BrandSelf aligning roller bearing
Conical Bending DeviceYES
Driving ModeMotor + reducer
Control SystemControl ModeNC
Display of position & displacementLCD
Electrical Part SystemSIEMNENS
Plate Bending Speed(m/min)about 3.5
Descending/Ascending Speed of bottom roller(mm/min)About 160
Descending/Ascending Speed of side roller(mm/min)About 260
Main Power Motor(KW)18.5
Hydraulic SystemMax. Working Pressure(MPa)25
Electrical & Hydraulic Protection Againts OverloadYES
Construction Steel MaterialQ235
Side Support for Big Sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Central Support for Big sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Feeding Tableoptional
Oil Cooler Systemoptiona

W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller

Plate Bending Machine
W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller


W12 4-roll plate bending machine adopts with mechanically-driven up-roll, and hydraulically-driven low-roll and side-roll, is electrically controlled. The machine can finish pre-changing of two ends of plates, rolling of cylindrical or arc parts, levelling and pre-bending of metal plates at one time.

W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers and other machinery and equipment. Its working principle is rotating bending deformation. For the upper roller can be moved no matter up and down, but also horizontally, so no need additional press or equipment, can realize pre-bending, bending, as well as correction of the workpiece.

Plate Roller
W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller

The whole structure of Hydraulic Plate rolling machine :

1.Totally European design,streamlined looking,frames of our machines are fabricated, welded steel (ST-52). Roll shafts, materials and bearings used in production are European quality. Also the torque limit of the machines is very high. NC playback and NC graphic control systems are available as optional accessory.


It is curved and calibration equipment, which specialized in sheet metal bending work.

It can roll a variety of specifications of cylindrical, and curved work pieces.

The sheet metal can be shaped and flattened on the four roller bending machine.

Appropriately adjusting the relative position between the side roller and the top roller, by repeatedly roll bending, cylinder can be shaped, the minimum diameter of the cylinder is up to the diameter of top roller.

Four-roller bending machine are with a wide range of needs and functions in the petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing industry.

Configuration of Hydraulic Plate Rolling machine is follows:

Plate Roller
W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller

1. Main power:Siemens Electrical made in Germany

2. Main electronic elements: Schneider made in France;

3. Axletree:Double-row self-aligning bearingfrom Germany

4. Main motor: Siemens Electrical made in Germany

5. Programmable logic controller PLC:OMRON products from Japan

6. Hydraulic system: Bosch - Rexroth made inGermany

7. Gear pump: made in China TaiWan ;

8. Work Roller:Material of work roller with 42CrMo Alloy steel.

9. Digital display system:Touch Screen for Delta

10 Transducer:OMRON,Made in Japan

Automatic lubrication system:Sino-Japanese joint,which has block alarm

Plate Bending Machine
W12NC-20x3000 4 Roll Plate Roller