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Knowledge of four roller coiling machine

The steel rolling machine is a general equipment that rolls metal sheets into cylindrical, arc or other shapes. According to the principle of the three point circle, the continuous plastic deformation of the sheet is achieved by changing the relative position of the workpiece and rotating motion to obtain the workpiece with a predetermined shape. Rolling machine is a necessary equipment for stainless steel products, decoration, packaging, metallurgy, aircraft, automobiles, ships, containers and meters.

The four roller coiling machine is designed mainly for the boiler drum of the boiler mill. It can be used in the production and processing of various types of boiler cylinders. It has also been widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, aviation, hydropower, decoration, and motor manufacturing and other industrial fields. It is used to make the metal sheet material into cylinder, cone and arc plate. And other parts.

steel rolling machine by the rolling machine company makes use of the space arrangement of its four rollers to minimize the appearance of the remaining straight edge, reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency.

When the four rolling machine is used for rolling work, the upper roller position is fixed and the lower roll moves straight up to clamp the steel plate. Adjust the curvature radius of the drum by moving the two sides of the roller straight or arc upward.

About the knowledge of the four roll bending machine, I hope it will be helpful for your work.