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What happens when the temperature is too high for the Plate Rolling Machine

        The Plate Rolling Machine  is a general equipment that rolls metal sheets into cylindrical, arc or other shapes. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, continuous plastic deformation of the sheet metal is produced by the relative position change and rotational motion of the workpiece to obtain the workpiece with predetermined shape. 
        In the summer high temperature season, if the equipment used for a long time, will produce a lot of mechanical heat, if the temperature is too high, it is likely to cause damage to the equipment.

        Next we will understand the reason why the temperature is too high and how to solve it.

The reason for the heating of the Plate Rolling Machine  is:

1, the pressure is too high, making the speed of the bending machine become fast, and then cause the seal ring and side plate to burn out.

2, the fuel tank of the bending machine is too small, which makes the heat dissipation condition poor.

3, because the axial clearance is too large or the seal ring is damaged, which leads to internal leakage.

How to solve the heating problem of  Plate Rolling Machine ?

1. Before starting, check the power system of the winder to see if the operation of the mechanical system is safe and reliable, according to the requirements of the smooth chart add smooth oil.

3. After booting, check the rotation direction of the big gear, is it the same as the direction indicated by the arrow, confirm the normal, then turn on the operation pedal switch.?

4. Maintenance and repair machines can only be carried out when parking. When running, any part of the human body should not extend into the closed area of the coiler.

5. After the operation, the power supply should be blocked, the machine tool should be cleaned, the guide rail should be cleaned, and a suitable amount of smooth oil should be injected into the blade.

5. If the equipment is defective, shut down in time and contact the maintenance personnel.

All steel products are cylindrical, almost all rolled by rolls. The equipment is widely used in boilers, shipbuilding, petroleum, woodworking, metal structure and other machinery manufacturing industries.