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Introduction about host of bending Machine

Bending machine mainframe includes the base, left rack, right rack, hydraulic drive, hydraulic cylinder, the next roll, the next roll, flip frame and other components. The base is welded by I-beam, and the left and right racks are welded by cutting the steel plate, because the welding frame has the advantages of light weight, good rigidity, short processing period, easy maintenance and maintenance.

The main structure of the two-roll automatic hydraulic rolling machine adopts the upper roller as the polyurethane elastic roller and the lower roller is the steel roller structure, that is, the upper roller driving type shown in Fig. The use of this structure is to facilitate the realization of volume round automation process. Because the roll-driven structure of the rolling machine in the completion of sheet rolling process, the workpiece opening down and under the action of gravity in the workpiece easily contact with the polyurethane roll is not conducive to the material; the upper roller drive mechanism of the rolling machine to complete Rolling round after the workpiece is open up, due to the role of gravity hanging on the mold sleeve, will not contact with the polyurethane roll, easy to achieve automated discharge.