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Bending Machine forging Heat Treatment


Plate bending machine(rolling machines) forging is the use of forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal blank, resulting in plastic deformation, in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of the forging of the processing methods. Forging and stamping are the same plastic processing properties, collectively referred to as forging. Forging is a commonly used forming method in mechanical manufacturing. By forging can eliminate the casting of metal as loose, welding holes, forgings of the mechanical properties are generally better than the same material castings. Heavy load in the machine, the working conditions of the important parts, in addition to the shape of the available rolling sheet, profiles or welding parts, the use of forgings.
According to the billet in the processing of the temperature,plate bender can be divided into cold forging and hot forging. Plate roll bender cold forging is generally processed at room temperature, hot forging is higher than the Recrystallization temperature of the blank metal processing. Sometimes will be in a heated state, but the temperature does not exceed the recrystallization temperature when the forging is called warm forging. However, this division is not fully harmonized in production.