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Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine Main Structure

The four-roller plate rolling machine structure is shown in Fig. 1. The upper roller is the active roller, the lower roller and the side roller are driven rollers; the upper roller is fixed, the lower roller moves up and down; the upper roller is mechanically active The lower roller and the side roller are frictionally driven by a plate and a roller. The lower roller and the side roller are driven by a hydraulic tank to perform a lifting motion. The turning and resetting of the center bearing of the upper roller is also driven by the hydraulic oil tank. Roller bearings and fuel tanks are installed on the left and right sides of the rack.

main structure of four roller plate rolling machine

The left and right racks are the main components of the whole machine, all of which are welded by steel and mounted on the welding base. All operations are performed on the console.

Compared with the three-roll plate bending machine, the four-roll plate bending machine does not need other devices or molds to complete the end pre-bending, and the left straight edge is less; Compared to the asymmetric three-roll plate bending machine, four-roll plate bending machine board The machine can be bent without flaps. In this way, the user can improve work efficiency and ensure the quality of the work piece. In addition, the four-roller plate bending machine has a simple process and convenient operation, which greatly reduces the work intensity.

The upper roller of the four-roll palte rolling machine is the driving roller, and the hydraulic motor drives the arc gear reducer with a ratio of 5:1. It is promised that the upper roller will complete the feeding operation with a speed of 4 meters per minute.

The four roller plate bending machine’s down roller and side rollers’ lifting, overturn and set are driven by the hydraulic device. Down roller and side rollers can timely do up and down movement, also can finish separately up and down movement.