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How to maintain the angle bending machine

angle bending machine

Angle bending machine is the main equipment to realize angle bending machine and angle roller process. In the process of angle roller, the angle roller is used. There are many kinds of section bending machine in the market now. The following is to introduce the operating rules and precautions of the lower angle roller. The operator in the use of equipment, should pay attention to the main and auxiliary cylinder forward and backward, beyond the limit, must be added directly in the stroke is not enough iron cylinder and profiles diamond saw blade, must according to the performance of working equipment, can not work overload in adjustment pressure, the pressure is not too high. To push the bar, if it is a temporary increase in aniseed, back immediately after use to transfer.

Every time after the end of the work of wearing parts to check, cylinder piston, hydraulic station to keep clean, in the rotating parts of a device often oiling, maintenance, no oil, no dry grinding phenomenon. After each work, the cylinder plug should be recovered to prevent the cylinder rod damage.