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Operational notes of symmetrical plate bending machine

As a special machine for sheet metal processing, the plate bending machine plays an important role in the basic processing of the mechanical industry. The plate bending machine is a device that is pre-fabricated and frequently tested by the installation unit. Plate bending machine is a kind of general equipment that bends metal plate into cylindrical, arc, conical or other shape parts. According to the principle of three-point circle, the relative position change and rotation movement of the work roll make the plate continuous. Plastic deformation to obtain a predetermined shape of the workpiece.

Things to watch out for when using the coiler:

  1. Plate bending machine must have someone responsible for management.
  2. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the plate bending machine and the method of use. Only after the agreement of the responsible management personnel can the operation be performed.
  3. Before starting up, check carefully whether the safety device is in good condition.
  4. During operation, hands and feet should not be placed on rollers and transmission parts and workpieces.
  5. After the work is interrupted, the clutch should be brought to neutral.
  6. It is forbidden to overload the work plate bending machine.
  7. The tilting of the upper roll lift bearing and the balancing of the upper roll must be performed after the main drive is stopped.