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Routine maintenance and repair work of steel plate bending machine


The daily maintenance of steel plate rolling machine is very important. Only in this way can the service life be prolonged.
1, Plate bender according to the machine lubrication diagram, according to the requirements of the oil lubrication and lubrication of artificial gas.
2. According to the parameters prescribed by the steel bending machine, the thickness of the coil is 20mm, the maximum length is 2500mm, and the yield limit of the material is less than 250Mpa.
3. Mechanical bending machine after the power supply is switched on, the two directions of the lower roll and the upward roll movement are carried out to check the normal movement of the movement.
4. Strictly according to the bending process and operation method, when the upper roller lifting to the limit position, we must pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.
5. In the operation of the machine, the personnel should coordinate with each other, obey the command of the head of the Roll board, no password, prohibit to start the machine.
6. Steel bending machine should pay great attention to safety when it is used for plate rolling, to prevent the hand from being pressed by the steel plate and to be involved with the steel plate.