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Temperature of bending machine bearing is required

Bending machine bearing temperature control is required: the temperature control system is the use of thermal resistance measurement points to carry out the temperature measurement, the use of multi-channel digital instrument to display the spindle bearing temperature. PLC to achieve parameter settings, remote monitoring, data storage and alarm processing and other functions. Bending equipments In the actual programming process, do not need to write and read PLC register program, through the data definition method, in the definition of I / O variables, you can directly use the variable name for system control, operation display, data logging and alarm.

The system of rounding machine has a start button to start the control program, set the red and green lights to show the temperature status. The temperature of the four measuring points in the required range, the green light, that the spindle can be normal operation; when a measured temperature reached the upper limit, even if the spindle speed has not yet reached the requirements, the red light, while the CNC system display phase Corresponding bearing alarm. The operator will immediately stop the spindle running, and according to the corresponding alarm number to check the spindle bearing at the location of the situation, thus avoiding the spindle bearing damage.