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Bending machine correct assembly method

Hydraulic bending machine system plays a role of sealing element seals are used to prevent fluid or solid particles combined with surface leakage and prevent external impurities such as dust and water into the machine inside the equipment or parts from the adjacent parts of the material. The sealing piece rolling machine hydraulic system of the medium will result in leakage of waste, pollution and environmental machinery, and even lead to malfunctioning machinery and equipment for personal accident.

Matters needing attention in assembling plate rolling machine:
1.Roll benders need to clean up of machine components, especially the connection;
2.When the bending equipment assembly should follow from the inside to the outside, the first after such a principle;
3.In the assembly process, the priority is to deal with the assembly or the same assembly work with the same assembly;
4. The assembly process should be strictly in accordance with the design drawings to assemble in size, specifications and other aspects should be strictly controlled.