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Process of rolling wide plate with a numerical control plate machine

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The process of rolling wide plate in a CNC rolling machine is considered as a plane strain problem. A roll bending model is established in DE-FORM-2D, and the roll bending process is simulated. The NC bending machine analyzes the force and deformation of the sheet metal in the roll bending process from the simulation results, and compares the radius value and the experimental value [2] after roll bending. Compared with the results, the simulation value is consistent with the experimental value. Therefore, it is completely feasible to use the finite element method to simulate the process of rolling wide plate with a symmetrical three roll NC rolling machine. The simulation means can replace a large number of tests, reduce the cost, and have a good guiding significance for the optimization of the control parameters in the process.           

Simulation to the radius through the free end of the sheet on the roll after the end of the 7 points, the three group for three radius, finally take the average . It can be seen from table 2 that the simulation values and experimental values are identical. The maximum error occurs at the beginning of the two time, the error reaches 19.87% and 10.10%, and the other errors are less than 10%. The first two errors because of the beginning of the center roll press amount is relatively small, relatively small, plastic deformation of the sheet thus, most of the material in the elastic deformation range, when the sheet is scrolled out later in a free time, part of the material will produce elastic resilience, such as in the the elastic deformation state of most materials, so will produce a larger rebound, so the simulation results and experimental results is large. In addition, from the simulation results after several times, value is less than the test value of simulation, this is because in the actual machining process due to the deformation of roll bending machine and bearing clearance and other factors caused, this is equivalent to the actual pressure is less than under the theoretical pressure the amount, therefore simulation value is small.