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Rolling a 2.5 inch thick cylinder

Special grades of A572-50 steel sheets with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance are often required in the chemical industry.

The yield strength of the steel plate is +50,000 psi, which is much higher than that of the conventional A36 steel plate (+36,000 psi); the higher yield strength directly affects the amount of force required to cause permanent deformation in the plate.

When the steel board thickness is 2.5 inches and each steel plate weighs about 17,000 pounds, this means that a large capacity bridge crane is required to perform the bevel and roll operations. 

Rolling a 2.5 inch thick cylinder
Rolling a 2.5 inch thick cylinder

To ensure that the final cylinder is within the required 1/8 inch roundness tolerance, the length of each plate is increased by 9 to 10 inches. After pre-rolling the plate ends, trim the excess material.

After placing the plates on on the plate bending machine, with the correct length and curved plate rolls at both ends, the plate bending machine operator gradually applies pressure to pass the plates through the rolls to the desired curvature. Always keeping the plate at right angles to the roll is critical for matching at both ends. If the plate is not square, it will be very difficult to correct this problem with this heavy plate. Below is a picture of the final rolled cylinder