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4 roller plate rolling machine suppliers

4 roll bending machine
4 roll plate bending machine

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4-roll plate rolling machine
4-roll plate rolling machine

4 Roll Plate Roller (Plate Rolling Machine) is suitable for the bending forming work of sheet metal. It can roll round, curved and tapered workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-bending at the end of the sheet. The remaining straight edges are small and the work efficiency is high. The metal sheet can be roughly leveled on the machine.

The 4 roll plate bending machine can bend the steel plate into a cylindrical surface, a conical surface or a cylinder of any shape or a part thereof is heated: the four-roll bending machine can curl the steel plate into a cylindrical shape or a part thereof, which can be used for some thicknesses Large, processed steel sheets that cannot be bent by conventional methods.

pre-bending of 4-roll plate bending machine
pre-bending of 4-roll plate bending machine
  • The material plate pre-bending only needs to be loaded once.
  • It can be bended up in many shapes, including round, curved, conical under certain conditions, etc., to obtain a larger tortuous curvature, and the yield is high. The principle of bending is: under less pressure, the plate is gradually attacked. Local deformation. Therefore, it is not easy to cause wrinkles and cracks when the data is in line. The required forming force is small, and therefore, the winding radius is small, and is suitable for forming difficult-to-deform data, such as titanium alloy, stainless steel, metal composite material, and the like.
  • The plate pre-bending straight plate is small, and the precision of the formed part is high. After the parts are bent, more precise curvature and higher edge parallelism can be obtained. The remaining straight edges at the end of the four-roller can be less than one times thick, which is beneficial to the porous sheet coated with the maintenance layer. Forming.
  • The material plate can be directly shaped and flat on the equipment, and the surface quality of the parts is good. Thanks to the maintenance of the elastic medium, the sheet with the maintenance layer and the polished surface can be tortuously formed without scratching the surface.
  • High production efficiency. Because the 4 roll plate roller is easy to operate and the running roller rotates fast, the labor productivity is greatly improved.
  • The outstanding advantage of the 4 roll plate bending & rolling machine is that it can pre-bend the end of the metal plate. During the processing, it can directly bend the end of the metal plate without relying on other equipment, eliminating the need for the end pre-bending process, and The lower straight edge is smaller, and no additional equipment such as a press is required for pre-bending, which has excellent process adaptability and high work efficiency, which not only improves the quality of the workpiece, but also has a simple process and convenient operation. This is a four-roller bending machine that is superior to a typical three-roller.
  • Hydraulic drive is adopted, which is less than mechanical transmission, low noise, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure and convenient maintenance.Suitable for heavy workpiece roll and high level of automation.


ModelMax pre-bending thickness(mm)Max bending thickness(mm)Diameter of upper roller(mm)Max plate width(mm)Main motor power(kw)



Body from the base, a fixed side frame, and the tip side of the rack, and each part is a steel welded structure. Were fixed with bolts on both sides of the rack in the base and the sides of the rack will be used to connect beams connected to rigidity good. Both sides of the rack-up roller and side rollers with the movement of rail, fixed on the side of the rack with roller bearing for half of the closed frame structure, have overturned side rack shelf support devices. Coil force in the process of both sides of the rack by the bear from the base not only supports the weight of the machine to ensure the accuracy of the role of equipment, but also enables a torque between the drive and chassis balance, and will join into one machine. In the now traditional large-scale four-roller bending machine body and the main gear is separate from the base installation.

Upper roll device

The up roller gear drive from the main for turning, the ends of the SP-1 bearing support, drive-side through the flat key, off the main drive gear, and connect the device to transfer torque, tip-side with the protection of steel.
The material of the up roller is 42CrMo, heat hardening is HB220-300.

Main drive device

By the Y2 motor, three-speed reduction gear, transmission torque to the roller. In the high-speed shaft of the reducer with putting the power hydraulic brake. The power supply is 380V/50Hz.

Down roller device

Down roller supports under the bearing, the bearing housings on both sides of the rack-mounted inside the track, the bottom of the piston and cylinder connected. Bearing in the liquid under pressure can rise and fall along the rail, according to the size of the thrust rod, steel plate under the roller clamping force required by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted. The addition of the down lower rollers can roll adjustment, improve the accuracy of the product under the same material heat treatment hardening is HB220-280.

Side roller device

Side of the roller bearing in the radial bearing pedestal, bearing on both sides of the rack-mounted inside the track, the bottom of the piston and oil cylinder connected. Bearing in the liquid under pressure can be tilted up and down along the rail, the size of the piston rod of the thrust force according to the needs of steel plate by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted. The side rolls are quality alloy steel, heat treatment hardening is HB220-280.

Overturn device

Overturn device through the oil cylinder, hinges torn off and driving overturned on a roller bearing aircraft overturned to remove products.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of a gear pump, valve, fluid connectors, and hydraulic accessories. Superposition valve series hydraulic valves used, piping layout simple and easy to maintain debugging.
The system consists of three circuits composed of overpressure protection and pressure control loops, a synchronization loop, and a speed loop.
Loop through the main relief valve pressure regulator conditioning system working pressure. System working pressure 19.5Mpa.

Electricity system

The electrical control system includes the electrical box, operation control panel, and hand-held button. Main switch with short circuit protection and the main motor overload protection. Reversible motor contactor control by the exchange; control circuit is controlled by PLC programmable controller system, relay less reliable action and long life. Control cabinet with the completion of the process of rolling all products control buttons, lights, etc. to the operation of the machine control and status control.

Numeric Controls of 4 roller plate bending machine

To roll a lot of identical plates, just press the “start” button. All the movements will be automatically performed by the CNC (as different materials change the diameters, manual corrections can be required, improve the results). It is suggested to roll in one pass automatic mode up to 60~70% of the pre-bending capacity (multiple passes parts can be eventually programmed in Editor mode). Proven programs can be saved in memory, for future use.

Technical characteristics

  • 10 programmable axis
  • Huge capacity for program memory
  • Illuminated graphic display on 10” screen
  • Operating mode:Manual mode;Automatic mode