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Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine

Plate Bending Machine rolling cone method
Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine

3-roll Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine

The Cone Rolling Machine (Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine) is often used to coil plates into conic shapes. The upper roll of this cone roll bending machine can do vertical and level motion. It has a pre-bending function.

3-roll cone plate rolling machines can bend metal sheets with high productivity and good precision. This 3-roller cone bending machine can make complex shapes into corresponding dies by repetitious bending work.


  • The straight edge length can be set freely and the upper roll is pre-bending.
  • Three roller cone rolling machine features high-precision end bending.
  • The 3-roller cone plate roller works with good accuracy. It can bend continuously whether the plate is thin or thick.
  • Parameters are controlled by NC, which improves productivity greatly. It is easy and convenient for operation.
  • The lower rolls of this plate rolling machine are fixed and the upper rolls move vertically and horizontally. This bending machine is much safer.
  • This 3-roller cone bending machine owns a friendly human-computer interface. The working pressure of the hydraulic system and cylinder, motor working condition, and sensor displacement can be displayed on it. It can also display hydraulic valve power loss conditions, soft and hard limit hints, equipment overload alarms, oil temperature alarms,s and cooling tips.

Technical Parameters of Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine

ModelPressure on the Upper RollEnd
Central(mm)Diameter of Upper RollDiameter of Lower RollCentral
Main Motor  (kw)Roll Cone Angle
Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine
4-roll Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine

4-roll Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine/4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch / Conical Plate Roll

BIT 4-roll Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine is specially used for rolling cones. Featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation, this cone bending machine’s performance is superior to other rolling machines in China. The main structure of the 4-roll cone plate roller adopts the cone roller method. There is no mutual sliding between the workpiece and roll surface.


  • This cone rolling equipment owns high rolling efficiency. This cone bending machine is suitable for a single variety and mass production.
  • An obvious advantage is that the four roller cone plate rolling machine can feed materials once without the aid of auxiliary devices.
  • The upper roll is the main drive roller. Motive power is engaged with the upper roll through the planetary reducer, which provides torque to the rolling plate. The lower roll of the cone bending machine can move vertically to clamp the plate. The side rollers of the four roller cone plate rolling machines are installed on both sides of the lower cone roller. They can move up and down driven by the cylinder.
  • This cone bending machine can also finish the pre-deformation of both ends of the plate.
cone rolling machine
cone rolling machine

Sheet Metal Cone Rolling Machine/Cone rolling machine

The cone plate rolling machine is applied in cone rolling and it combines the technical both from board and inland. It has the function of high efficiency, low source, and is easy to operate. The structure adopts a cone roller and all the 3 rollers are cone rollers.


The cone rolling machine has the function of both pre-bending and cone rolling.
It consists of a basis, turndown device, fixed side device, cone rollers, driven device, lower roller raise and drop device, hydraulic system, and electric system.
The upper cone roller can up and down by hydraulic cylinder drive. The lower rollers are fixed and driven by a motor.
The upper cone roller drives the deceleration motor. The motor has the balance function to make sure the accurate and reliable operation of the plates. The driver can choose the speed by both feeding and fast speed. So the efficiency is greatly improved.
The lower cone roller adopts the motor-driven. The driven lower cone roller raise and drop by up and down, keeping it fasten when pre-bending.

Rolling Steel Plate into Cones: Techniques and Machinery

cone rolling machine rolling a cone sheet metal【sheet metal cone roller】sheet metal cone rolling

The plate roller is a versatile machine that can be utilized to create cone-shaped pieces of metal. Rolling steel plate into cones requires careful preparation and precise execution. In this article, we will explore the process of rolling steel plate into cones, the importance of proper machinery, and the advantages of using a four-roll machine over a three-roll machine.

Preparation and Cutting

To begin the process, the metal plate must be cut to the appropriate size before bending. This involves pre-cutting a flat metal blank with the correct inner and outer radius to form the desired cone shape. Accurate measurements and precise cutting are crucial for successful cone fabrication.

Rolling Process

Once the steel plate is prepared, it is ready to be rolled into a cone shape using a plate roller. The blank is fed into the machine, with the inner radius held against a cone rolling attachment. It is essential to feed the inner radius through the roller at a slower rate than the outer radius. This differential feeding ensures gradual and precise formation of the cone shape.

Machinery and Techniques

Both three-roll and four-roll machines can be used for cone rolling, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Inclining the forming rolls in a positive attitude is crucial for guiding the small diameter and achieving optimal results. Additionally, using a hardened contrast die is necessary to control and slow down the speed of the small diameter.

Challenges with Three-Roll Machines

Rolling a cone on a three-roll double pinch machine presents challenges due to the nature of the rolling process. In this setup, all three rolls are driven, making it difficult for the contrast die to retard the rotation on the small diameter while simultaneously making the large diameter move faster. This unnatural situation can impact the quality of cone rolling.

Advantages of Four-Roll Machines

A four-roll bending machine, on the other hand, offers distinct advantages for rolling cones. With inclinable forming rolls and a hardened contrast die, it provides greater control and precision during the rolling process. The inclinable rolls enable better guidance of the small diameter, while the hardened contrast die ensures proper speed control, resulting in superior cone fabrication.


Rolling steel plate into cones requires careful preparation, precise cutting, and the use of appropriate machinery. The plate roller, whether a three-roll or four-roll machine, can be utilized for this purpose. However, for optimal results, a four-roll machine with inclinable forming rolls and a hardened contrast die is recommended. By following these techniques and employing the right machinery, you can successfully fabricate accurate and high-quality cones for various applications.