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plate rolling machine

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About us

Borisbang Industrial Technology (BIT) ‘s commitment to customers is not limited to products and services. It places more emphasis on building sustainable business partnerships with its customers. It wants to focus on safety with customers, focus on improving performance, focus on improving productivity and helping customers succeed.

Borisbang is a diversified enterprise with more than ten holding companies. It has formed a diversified textile, chemical and machinery industry and a large-scale industrial and trading entity across industries.

Focusing on the concept of unique viewpoints, we have established a complete production system from design to manufacturing. When the design of the product encounters a problem, new ideas or new parts can be developed with new ideas to solve the problem. The combination of new ideas and high-level technology has enabled superb development capabilities.

Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturer

Constant pursuit of excellence has made us the most trusted supplier of sheet metal processing solutions in China. Our wide range of scalable, future-oriented products help to further strengthen this position and provide smooth operations for our customers.

We are a national high-tech enterprise in China, a professional design, R&D and manufacturing enterprise for China’s coiling machine tools. Undertook 3 projects of China Torch Program, “JB / T12830-2016 / CNC Two Roll Bending Machine”, “JBCPZT0758-2016 / CNC Rounding Machine” industry standard drafting unit, member of China Forging Association, owning W10, W11 and W12, etc. Export product quality license.

plate rolling machine manufacturer
plate rolling machine manufacturer


Our extensive industry experience combined with our pioneering spirit and curiosity are the driving force behind our business.

BIT has a numerical control coiling machine engineering technology research center, a Chinese enterprise graduate workstation, a cooperation relationship with China’s Nanjing Aerospace and Aerospace Society, a Chinese academic research base, and a cooperative unit of China Jiangsu Province Forging Machinery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The strength of technical talents, hardware and software conditions, research and development capabilities and research and development achievements rank among the top in the country. It has obtained 4 PCT international patents, 46 national patent technologies, and 21 “Jiangsu High-tech Products”.