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Mastering the Art of Sheet Metal Bend Radius(3)

Bend Radius vs. Bend Angle

Bend radius and bend angle are interconnected aspects of sheet metal bending:

Bend Radius

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  • Definition: Bend radius refers to the minimum radius at which a metal sheet can be bent without causing undesirable deformations, such as cracking, wrinkling, or surface defects. It measures the curvature of the inside of the bend.
  • Measurement: Bend radius is typically measured in millimeters or inches and represents the distance from the center of curvature to the innermost surface of the bent metal.
  • Impact: Bend radius influences the smoothness and integrity of the bend, affecting factors like material deformation, cracking, and stress concentration. It is critical for avoiding defects in the bent part.
  • Determinants: Bend radius is determined by factors such as material type, thickness, hardness, and the type of bending equipment and tooling used.

Bend Angle

  • Definition: Bend angle refers to the degree to which a metal sheet is bent from its original flat position. It quantifies the extent of the angular change in the sheet metal.
  • Measurement: Bend angle is typically measured in degrees and represents the angular displacement of the material from its original orientation.
  • Impact: Bend angle influences the overall shape and geometry of the bent part. It is a critical factor in determining the final form and functionality of the component.
  • Determinants: Bend angle is primarily determined by the design requirements and the intended purpose of the fabricated part. It may also be influenced by the specific bend radius chosen.

Common Bend Radii for Sheet Metal

Here is a table highlighting common bend radii for various sheet metal thicknesses and materials:

MaterialSheet Thickness (mm)Minimum Bend Radius (mm)
Mild Steel1.01.5
Stainless Steel1.02.0

These values are approximate guidelines and may vary depending on specific material properties, tooling, and bending methods. Always refer to material specifications and consult with experienced fabricators for precise bend radius recommendations.

Mastering the Art of Sheet Metal Bend Radius