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Specifications of W11S-30X2000 Plate Rolling Machine 2018 latest version (1)

1. main functions and features
2. Main technical parameters:
3. The structure of the machine
3-1 Upper roller device
3-2 Lower Roller and Horizontal Mobile Device
3-3 Roller device
3-4 Main Drive
3-5 turn over device
3-6 Fixing, Overturning Side Frame, Chassis, Fixing, Overturning Side Frame, Chassis Welded Steel Plates, CO2 Gas Shielded Welding, Postweld Annealing Stress Removal, Shot Blasting.
4. Hydraulic system
5. Electric control system
5-1 Overall Overview
5-2 Various Protections
5-3 Various interlocks
5-4 Failure indication
6. CNC system
6-1 general overview
6-2 digital display function
Rolling machine calculation system operation method
7. W11S-30X2000 Plate Rolling Machine Technical Features
7-1 Drum-shaped upper roller, lower roller lower roller matching adjustment, high precision product straightness
7-2 Rear-bend rolling system, high-precision roundness of product (80% of the machine's rear bending capacity)
7-3 Reduce the amount of misprints
7-4 High Precision End Prebend
7-5 Operation Procedure and Method
W11S series plate rolling machine, main functions and features:

W11S 30X2000 Plate Bending-Machine

This plate rolling machine is a new type of plate rolling machine based on the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining domestic actual conditions. Because its electrical control system uses a displacement sensor, coupled with PLC programmable controller (Japan OMRON products), touch screen PC, it can automatically detect the position of both ends of the roller and its real-time monitoring to ensure synchronization accuracy. Not only can the product be pre-bent and quickly coiled, but it also has the characteristics of high precision of the rolled product, no auxiliary equipment, and low investment.

W11S 30X2000 Plate Bending Machine

The roll on the plate rolling machine can move vertically and horizontally, and when it is pre-curved, it moves horizontally through the upper roll so that the upper roll is asymmetrically positioned with respect to the lower roll. When rounding through the motor, the reducer drives two rollers. Because the elevation of the lower roll is constant, it is easy to feed and operate.

2. Main technical parameters:


CNC rolling machine


Upper roll pressure

190 T

Upper roller diameter

φ370 mm

Lower roller diameter

φ200 mm

Center distance between two rollers

330 mm

Upper roller pressure speed

  About 100~120 m/min

Roller group

Number of rollers

Roller diameter

φ200 mm

Largest rolled plate


Roller working length


Drive speed

  About 4 m/min

Symmetrical rolling

T30×B2000×Φmin1000 mmσs≤245Mpa

Asymmetrical rolling

T25×B2000×Φmin1000 mmσs≤245Mpa

Drive rolling power


Hydraulic motor power


Horizontally moving motor power


Residual straight edge

≤2.5 times thickness

3. The structure of the machine:

The W11S series palte bending machine also has the dual functions of pre-bend and roll round (arc). The main structure of the equipment consists of upper roll device, lower roll and horizontal moving device, roller device, main drive device, and turn Pour device, left and right side racks and chassis. The main drive can be used for positive and negative reversal to provide coiling torque for the rolling of the sheet.

3-1 Upper roller device

The upper roller device is mainly composed of a main oil cylinder, upper roller bearing seat, upper roller, double row self-aligning bearings, and the like. The two main cylinders provide the required pressure for rolling the plates. The main cylinder operates at 19.5 Mpa.
Upper roll material 42CrMo, according to JB/ZG4289-86 roll steel standard, hardening hardness HB260-300, surface quenched HRC42-50.

Figure 3-1 Upper roller device

3-2 Lower Roller and Horizontal Mobile Device

The lower roller device consists of a lower roller, a lower roller bearing seat, a lower roller input gear, a lower roller sliding bearing, and the like.
The lower roller main drive powers the main drive output gear, the lower roller input gear, and the open drive torque to the lower roller.

Roller material 42CrMo, Hardening hardness HB260-300, surface quenched HRC42-50.

The horizontal moving device is composed of a horizontal moving motor, a worm gear box, a worm gear and the like. The horizontal moving device is powered by a horizontal moving motor and drives the horizontal movement of the upper roller through the worm gear box, the worm gear, the screw and screw mechanism, and realizes the asymmetric rolling of the plate.

plate roller
3 roller bending machine