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Specifications of W11S-30X2000 Plate Rolling Machine 2018 latest version (3)

about Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Rolling Machine
Plate Rolling Machine

The hydraulic system consists of a gear pump, a valve group, and an auxiliary piping component. The hydraulic valve adopts the Yuci oil-refining superposition valve system, which has simple pipeline arrangement and convenient maintenance and debugging.
The system consists of three loops, pressure regulation loop, synchronous loop, and speed loop.
The pressure regulation circuit regulates the system operating pressure through the main relief valve.
A synchronous circuit through the diversion throttle valve on the riser, down rough step shunt synchronous, throttle valve up and down adjustment; displacement sensor detection, and the upper roller synchronization positioning accuracy of ± 0.15mm.
Speed loop
The overturning and resetting of the overturning machine are controlled, and the throttling speed of the circuit is adjusted through the throttle valve.

1. Electric control system

1. Overall Overview

The electronic control system of the equipment consists of an electric control cabinet, an operation console, and a remote controller. Power supply 380V/50HZ. The main switch has to short-circuit protection and overload protection of the main motor. The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is controlled by the AC contactor; the control circuit adopts the PLC programmable controller system, with few relays, reliable operation, and long service life. The control cabinet is equipped with all control buttons and indicator lights to complete the product rolling process to control the operation and work status of the whole machine.

2 . Various Protections

Each motor has a corresponding circuit breaker for over-current protection; Each motor has a corresponding thermal relay for overload protection; The horizontal movement of the upper roller and the lifting and lowering of the idler roll has the corresponding limit switch as limit protection; The overturning and resetting of the inverted cylinder are respectively provided with upper and lower limit switch protection; The main power circuit breaker has a shunt release, and there are “emergency stop” buttons on the console and the tilt bracket to cut off the main power remotely.

3. Various interlocks

After the tilting frame is fully reset, the upper roller can move up and down, move forward and backward, the lower roller can rotate forwards and backward, and the roller can be lifted and lifted (such as the “overturning frame reset” limit switch for detecting); When the upper roller is in the upper position, the upper roller moves horizontally, and the falling side alone cannot go down (the “upper roller upper limit switch” detects);

4. Failure Indication

When the lower roller motor, the horizontal moving motor, and the roller motor are overloaded, the fault indicator lights; When the PLC fails, the fault LED prompts.

2. CNC system

1、 General overview

This system uses a KAISI rotary encoder, a Taiwanese WEINVIEW true color touch screen PC, and an Omron PLC programmable controller to form a reliable and real-time control system.

2. digital display function

(1)Rolling cylinder process parameter calculation function
Through the supplied software, input product thickness T, plate width B, coil diameter φ, plate yield limit σs, and end curl coefficient TK, can calculate the necessary process parameters for rolling the plate: upper roll pressure P, upper roll The horizontal shift amount X and -X, the upper roller lift Y1, the upper roller lift Y2, the upper roller lift Y3, the upper roller lift Y4, The process parameters Y2, Y3, X, -X is manually set on the touch screen, and digital control of the upper roller up and down and horizontal movement amount is realized. The CNC system has the functions of real-time monitoring, data transmission, and power-off memory of the rolling process. The human-machine interface is intuitive and clear in Chinese.

(2)Real-time monitoring function

The upper and lower displacements of the main cylinder of the upper roll (upside Y1, fixed side Y2) and the upper roll horizontal movement (horizontal ±X) are displayed on the touch screen. And can freely set the upper and lower roller, left and right coordinate values, and automatically run to the desired target value.

(3Man-machine conversation function

Through the system operation input and LCD, you can achieve the editing, modification, and other functions of the rolled workpiece parameters. The industrial controller PLC automatically detects the position and control of both ends of the roll to ensure that the synchronization accuracy is ±0.15mm. Displacement sensor displacement resolution of 0.05mm, displays accuracy of ± 0.05mm.
With automatic fault diagnosis.

Rolling machine calculation system operation method

  1. Open the Plate Bending Machine Computing System folder and double-click the “Applications” shortcut to enter the Calculation Software page.
  2. Select the desired function key according to the page prompts and press the corresponding function key on the computer.
  3. Press “F1 System Parameters” to enter the parameter input page, press “F1 Allow Modifications”, and then fill in the cylinder parameters to be rolled according to the above display; under normal circumstances, only fill the board thickness, board width, and coil diameter. After the parameter is determined by “F9 Data Processing”, press “F4 Parameter Output” to enter the calculated page and input the parameters of the upper face to the rolling machine touch screen in the opposite direction. (The parameters on this page generally only need Y1-Y4, +-X data)
  4. Y1-Y4 in the software are the four target values ​​indicating the roll-down amount, Y1 is the value pressed to the workpiece, and Y2 is the value of the roll-side roll (press down to this value multiple times when the workpiece is nearly full). , Y3 is the workpiece pressure head value, Y4 is the workpiece forming value; +X, -X is the value of the horizontal movement of the upper roller. Note: This software is only a simulation calculation. In the actual use process, data modification can be performed on the coiler touch screen。
Plate Rolling Machine
Plate Rolling Machine

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