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Five Maintenance Methods Of Three-Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Rolling Machine

Plate rolling machine is a kind of equipment used for metal material curling processing. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, the relative position change and rotational motion of the workpiece are used to make the plate produce continuous plastic deformation to obtain a workpiece of a predetermined shape.

Three-roller plate rolling machine is a general-purpose equipment that can roll metal plates into workpieces including circular, arc, rectangular or other shapes. The three-roller plate rolling machine consists of three rollers, which can accurately roll metal materials into the required shape. Three-roller plate rolling machines are widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, construction, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Five maintenance methods of three-roller plate rolling machine

  1. Regular lubrication: The roller shaft and transmission parts of the three-roller plate rolling machine need to be lubricated regularly to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance: Clean the external surface of the plate rolling machine regularly to keep the machine clean and tidy to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.
  3. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the various parts and joints of the plate rolling machine are damaged or loose, and repair and replace them in time.
  4. Roller gap adjustment: According to the characteristics of the processed material and processing requirements, the roller gap should be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure processing quality and efficiency.
  5. Maintain the operating environment: The operating environment of the plate rolling machine should be kept dry and clean to avoid the influence of humidity and dust on the equipment.


The three-roller plate rolling machine (three-roller round rolling machine) is a commonly used metal processing equipment. The equipment uses the three-roller rolling principle to make the plate produce permanent plastic deformation and roll it into the required cylindrical parts, conical parts and other parts of different shapes.

The three-roller plate rolling machine can improve the working efficiency of the plate rolling machine, ensure product quality and extend the service life of the equipment through proper maintenance.