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Hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic machine (also known as: Hydraulic Press) hydraulic press is a kind of metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products by the use of liquid static pressure.

Press brake

Press brake is a kind of machine that can bend the thin plate. The structure of the press brake mainly comprises a bracket, table and the clamping plate, the worktable is arranged on the supporting table, which comprises a base… Read More »Press brake

Leveling machine

The metal plate leveling machine(Leveling machine manufacturers ) is not smooth, the effect by certain thickness of upper and lower roll strip or sheet extrusion, so as to achieve the smooth effect. Called leveling machine. The general leveling machine above… Read More »Leveling machine

Shearing machine

Shearing machine is one kind of machine tool, it uses the hydraulic drive, the safety performance is reliable, the operation is convenient. Shearing machine is applicable to metal recycling plant, automobile dismantling, smelting and casting industry, steel and metal materials… Read More »Shearing machine

profile bending machine

Profile bending machines

The four roller bending machine(Profile bending machine) of advanced structure, full function, is the profile at home and abroad advanced equipment, can be placed vertically or horizontally according to user information.

profile bending machine

Profile Bending Machine

Angle iron bending machine is a kind of efficient processing equipment for rolling steel,  flat steel, round steel, Fang Gang and other special-shaped steel