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Five Major Features Of Cnc Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Rolling Machine

Plate rolling machine is a general-purpose equipment for rolling metal sheets into cylindrical, arc-shaped or other shaped workpieces. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, the relative position change and rotational movement of the workpiece are used to cause continuous plastic deformation of the plate, so as to obtain a workpiece of a predetermined shape.

The movement of the plate rolling machine can be divided into two forms of movement: main movement and auxiliary movement. The main movement refers to the rotation, bending and other movements of the upper and lower rollers that constitute the plate rolling machine on the processed plate. The main movement completes the processing task of the plate rolling machine. The auxiliary movement is the movement of the plate rolling machine in the form of loading, unloading, lifting, tilting of the upper roller and flipping of the head frame during the rolling process.

Operating Plate Rolling Machine :Operating Guidelines , Safety Precautions
Plate Rolling Machine

Five Major Features Of Cnc Plate Rolling Machine

  1. Accuracy and repeatability: CNC Plate rolling machines tools ensure consistent bending accuracy and reduce the possibility of errors and rework.
  2. Automation: The automation process eliminates the need for manual adjustments, thereby increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.
  3. Flexibility: CNC Plate rolling process systems can handle a variety of bending sequences and complex geometric shapes, thereby enhancing the versatility of manufacturing.
  4. Efficiency: CNC machines have faster productivity and minimal installation downtime, which helps improve overall operational efficiency.
  5. Quality control: CNC systems usually include quality control functions such as real-time monitoring and error detection to ensure high-quality output.


An important point in operating a plate rolling machine is standardization and safety issues. During the use of the plate rolling machine, it is necessary to follow the plate rolling machine operating procedures to try to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

Plate rolling machines are an indispensable tool in metal manufacturing, providing precision and efficiency in forming various materials. Plate rolling machines are used to form metal sheets into cylindrical or curved shapes. Among the various types of plate rolling machines, hydraulic and mechanical three-roller types are widely used