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5 Steps of the Pressure Vessel Fabrication Process

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The manufacturing process of pressure vessels includes the preparation of raw materials, marking, cutting, forming, welding, etc.

Preparation of raw materials

Before scribing the steel, the steel must first be pretreated. The pretreatment of steel refers to the purification, orthopedic and protective primer of steel plates, pipes, and profiles.


Scribing is the first procedure in the manufacturing process of the pressure vessel, which directly determines the dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy of the parts after forming, and has a great influence on the subsequent alignment and welding procedures. Scribing is to mark the blanking line, processing line, various position lines, and inspection lines on the raw material or the pre-processed blank, and mark (or write) the necessary signs and symbols. The scribing process usually includes the development, lofting, and marking of parts.


Cutting, also known as blanking, refers to the process of separating the required blanks from the raw materials that have been crossed. There are two cutting methods: mechanical cutting and thermal cutting.

Take shape

finding the best plate rolling machine
finding the best plate rolling machine

The forming cylinder of the cylinder is composed of a number of cylinder sections welded by circumferential welds, and the cylinder sections are welded by metal plate rolling and longitudinal welding.

The rolling principle of the barrel section the roll bending of the barrel section with a plate rolling machine, also known as roll bending or plate rolling, is the basic manufacturing method of the barrel section.


Welding is a process in which the weldment achieves atomic bonding and forms a permanent joint by heating or pressing, or both.

Welding processes account for 50% of the world’s annual steel consumption.

The pressure vessel is a kind of special equipment with high safety performance requirements and a complicated manufacturing process. The quality of its manufacturing will directly affect the safety and reliability of the equipment. Therefore, we must take effective measures to control the quality of the pressure vessel manufacturing process. Specifically, we can start from the aspects of material quality control, welding process quality control, heat treatment process quality control, and non-destructive testing process quality control to ensure the safe and reliable operation of pressure vessels. , to ensure its performance.