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How to calculate roll diameter from length and thickness

To calculate the roll diameter from the length and thickness of a rolled plate, you can use the following steps:

  1. Calculate the circumference of the rolled plate using the formula: C=2×(L+T) Where:
    • C is the circumference.
    • L is the length of the rolled plate.
    • T is the thickness of the plate.
  2. Use the circumference to calculate the diameter using the formula for circumference of a circle: C=π×D Where:
    • D is the diameter of the roll.
  3. Rearrange the formula to solve for the diameter: D=C/π

Here’s a simple function in JavaScript to calculate the roll diameter from the length and thickness:

function calculateRollDiameter(length, thickness) {
    var circumference = 2 * (length + thickness);
    var diameter = circumference / Math.PI;
    return diameter;

You can then call this function with the length and thickness values to get the roll diameter. For example:

var length = 100; // Length of the rolled plate (in inches)
var thickness = 0.25; // Thickness of the plate (in inches)

var rollDiameter = calculateRollDiameter(length, thickness);
console.log("Roll Diameter:", rollDiameter.toFixed(2), "inches");

This will output the calculated roll diameter in inches. Adjust the units if you need the result in a different unit of measurement.

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