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What preparations should be done before starting the three-roller plate bending machine

Plate Rolling Machine

Plate bending machine is a general equipment for bending metal sheets into cylindrical, arc-shaped or other shaped workpieces. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, the relative position changes and rotational motion of the workpiece are used to cause continuous plastic deformation of the plate to obtain a workpiece of a predetermined shape.

The movement form of the plate rolling machine can be divided into two forms of movement: main movement and auxiliary movement. The main movement refers to the rotation, bending and other movements of the upper and lower rollers that constitute the plate rolling machine to process the plate. The main movement completes the processing tasks of the plate rolling machine. The auxiliary movement is the movement of the plate rolling machine in the form of loading, unloading, lifting and tilting of the upper roller, and turning of the head frame during the plate rolling process.

What is three-roller plate bending machine

The three-roller plate rolling machine is a plate rolling machine commonly used in industrial production. It uses the three-roller bending principle to bend the plate into a round, conical or arc shape.

The three-roller plate rolling machine is characterized by compact structure, easy maintenance, and the rollers on both sides can be made very close. The formation is more accurate, but the remaining straight edges are larger.

plate rolling machine
plate rolling machine

Seven major preparations to be done before starting the three-roller plate rolling machine

No matter what machine is started, it must be checked before starting to ensure that the equipment can operate safely and normally. So what preparations need to be done before starting the three-roller plate rolling machine?

  1. Check whether there are any abnormalities in all parts of the plate bending machine, and the fastening screws (caps) must not be loose. Make sure all safety guards are in place and functioning properly.
  2. Check the hydraulic system: If the machine is hydraulic, check the hydraulic oil level and check the hydraulic system for leaks. Make sure hydraulic hoses are connected correctly and in good condition.
  3. Start the machine: After completing all preparations and taking safety measures, start the machine according to the operating instructions.
  4. The plate rolling machine cannot roll workpieces that exceed the mechanical performance specifications of the plate rolling machine.
  5. The workpiece must be placed stably and in the correct position before it can be driven and operated. The signal should be clear and one person should be designated to direct it.
  6. Strictly adjust the distance between the plate rolling machine drums according to the thickness of the plate, and do not overload the operation. ​
  7. When rolling a workpiece that is not round enough, it is recommended to leave a certain margin when rolling to the end of the steel plate to prevent the workpiece from falling and injuring someone.


Before starting a three-roller plate bending machine, it’s crucial to ensure safety and proper functionality. By following these preparations, operators can help ensure the safe and efficient operation of a three-roller plate bending machine .

Operating a plate rolling machine requires an understanding of regulatory and safety issues. During the use of the plate rolling machine, be sure to follow the plate rolling machine operating procedures to prevent dangerous accidents.